Taxidermy Options for Black Bears

Some people hunt a lifetime for a great bear, others are fortunate enough to be able to travel to places like New Brunswick, North Carolina, Maine and the list goes on; to hunt these amazing creatures. Black Bears are a part of our hunting culture as much as Whitetail Deer and Elk. Its an extremely affordable hunt, and for those of you who are lucky enough to harvest a bear in Pennsylvania, it is often free.

There are many different ways you can mount a Black Bear and in this next article we will go over the basic positions as well as some other ones that you may not have thought about.

The Rug

A rugged mount black bear is the simplest and most recognizable way to mount your bear. Although it isn’t our cup of tea (rugs take up a massive amount of room on the wall or the floor), it is a very traditional way to display your trophy. Rugs can be mounted both open mouth and closed mouth with a wide variety of colors for your felting. Black on Black or Black on Burgundy is the most popular colors and really makes your bear “pop” when displayed.

I will say if your looking to save space on a wall or floor space, rugs are not the way to go. An average bear rug will take up 6 foot by 5 foot of space wherever it is displayed, so be sure you know where your gonna lay or hang your rug.

The Basic Shoulder Mount

Not a lot of people display their Black Bear trophies this way but it is an option. It doesn’t take up much room and still shows your trophy decently.

If your pinched for cash and still want to do a mount for your bear, this is most likely the way to go.

Half Lifesize Full Pedestal Mount

If you have the floor space and want to appreciate your mount from all angles, this is the mount to go with. By adding a hardwood base you are esentially creating a piece of furniture that is also art in your trophy room. One of the most important and attractive aspect of choosing a full pedestal is the ability to walk around the entire mount to appreciate the animal to its fullest. Although it is still a half life-size mount you are able to appreciate the immense size of your bears shoulders and upper torso, a cost effective way to display the majority of your bears size and beauty. We can add corn stalks, barbed wire, evergreen branches – the potential is limitless.

Lifesize Mount

The life-size mount is the predominant way we mount our clients black bears. Out of all the mounts we probably do 75 percent life-size. Its not terribly expensive and its the only true way to appreciate your bear. We can use different forms from a walking to a standing and everything in between. You also have the choice of closed mouth, open mouth and open mouth aggressive. Other options include a wall hanging life-size mount or one with a hardwood base for your floor. The possibilities are endless with a life-size mount and its truly our favorite way to display your bear of a lifetime.

We have covered pretty much all the bases when it comes to mounting Black Bears. Needles to say if you have harvested one of these elusive animals you have accomplished an amazing goal. Wether its 100 pounds or 500 pounds, you should be proud and select your mount style based upon your space and your overall vision for your trophy.

Artistic Visions Wildlife is proud to be one of the leading bear taxidermists in the world, it is one of our main passions.

I hope you enjoyed this blog guys and girls, feel free to leave comments or suggestions and we will work hard to continue these session with our clients and fellow hunters.

Shoot straight, be safe and have fun!!!

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