Taxidermy Options for the North American Elk

The ear piercing screams of a rutting bull Elk will forever be engrained in a North American Hunters dream. It is thought of by many as the most sought after of all North American game and also seems to be a jumping off point to an international hunters future. Not only do these animals have size and mass but they also have a graceful and elegant way to display their natural beauty.

There are many different ways you can mount a North American Elk and in this next article we will go over the basic positions as well as some other ones that you may not have thought about.

The Basic Shoulder Mount

This is the most utilized mount of all for a North American Elk. They hang directly on the wall via a screw or a lag bolt in a stud or secured mounting location. The approx weight of these mounts is 40-50 pounds. The mount flows flush to the wall and displays your trophy in a tasteful and classic way.

There are a few pose options for the basic shoulder mount including a semi upright position, sneak position and antler clearance position. There is also a 90 degree turn pose that you can choose for your trophy that has a extremely hard turn that shows off one side of your animal more than the other.

The issue always with these large animals is antler clearance from the wall. The more upright a pose is the more risk there is that the antlers will not allow for proper hanging on a normal wall. This can all be discussed at the time of drop off depending on the size and shape of your antlers.

All of these poses (except for the 90 degree which is only right or left turn) can be either a slight left, slight right or straight posed. As well as choice of ear positioning; ears forward or ears back.

Full Pedestal Mount

By far the most beautiful and creative way to display your trophy, the full pedestal is the perfect way to display your Elk trophy. This is a fantastic option if you have short ceiling heights.

By utilizing a hardwood base you can practically recreate a woodland scene with evergreens, rocks and trees and display your prized trophy in its natural environment. If you have the floor space and want to appreciate your mount from all angles, this is the mount to go with. One of the most important and attractive aspect of choosing a full pedestal is the ability to walk around the entire mount to appreciate the animal to its fullest. You get to view all angles of each amazing characteristic of the antlers; mass, tine length, spread – what more could you ask for.

There are many different twists and turns you can do to a full pedestal mount. Many people like a simplistic 30 degree turn but also many others love that hard 70 degree turns (some of my favorites)…the options are vast and actually quite impressive for clients to choose from. It is the best and most impressive way to show off your elk if you have the financial and spacial means.

We have covered pretty much all the bases when it comes to mounting the North American Bull Elk. There are other variations you can do with the above mounts (wall habitat, open mouth bugling etc…) but that is pretty much all of the major options you have of choosing your pose.

I hope you enjoyed this blog guys and girls, feel free to leave comments or suggestions and we will work hard to continue these session with our clients and fellow hunters.

Shoot straight, be safe and have fun!!!

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