If you’re a large game hunter, it is important to know your local big game taxidermists. Big game taxidermy is a form of art that celebrates the beauty and majesty of large game animals like moose, bear, and African big game species. Hunters often choose to have their trophies taxidermied to preserve the memory of their successful hunts. Not only is it important to research your local big game taxidermists but you also need to ensure the proper hide preparation. 


Research Local Big Game Taxidermists

Research and choose a taxidermist whose work appeals to you before heading out to hunt. Consulting them beforehand will help you provide the necessary tools for the best outcome. You want to ensure that they are trusted and skilled taxidermists and that their work and taxidermy style appeal to you. When researching local big game taxidermists you should consider the following:

Location: How local are they? If you have a large mount being done, you have to consider the shipping or transportation costs.

Cost: Discussing cost and price range ahead of time ensures that you are getting your money’s worth without surprise fees.

Portfolio: Not all taxidermists are created equally. Make sure to review their portfolio of work ahead of time so that you can see if their aesthetic and work quality match what you are looking for in a mount.


How to Prepare Your Hide

Once you have your taxidermist lined up, and have had a successful hunt you want to make sure the hide is properly prepared for the taxidermist. Here are some essential tips to follow when preparing your big game for taxidermy:

Pay Attention to Skinning: When skinning your game, leave about 1½ feet of excess skin to give the taxidermist room to work with. Cut up through the skin and from the inside out to preserve the coat in ideal condition.

Freeze the Hide After Field Prepping: After preparing your game, let the hide cool properly before freezing it. Using a game bag during this process is essential to maintain the hide’s integrity. If you can freeze the hide quickly, avoid salting it as salt can interfere with freezing and cause issues, especially with large game animals.


Ready to Contact A Local Big Game Taxidermist?

At Artistic Visions Wildlife we have an expansive portfolio of local and exotic big game taxidermy. Our expertise in taxidermy speaks for itself in the work that we do to preserve the animal.

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