If you’re looking for top-notch taxidermy services, Artistic Visions Wildlife’s award-winning taxidermists are at the top of the list. Artistic Visions Wildlife Studio stands out as a distinguished taxidermy establishment renowned for its exceptional services and expertise. Led by Aaron Simser, a former Marine Corps veteran with a passion for wildlife artistry, the studio offers a comprehensive range of taxidermy services catering to various species. These mounts include North American and African game, wild sheep & goats, whitetail deer, and exotic animals from across the globe.

Award Winning Taxidermists at Artistic Visions

Their commitment to excellence is evident through its impressive track record of achievements. Artistic Visions Wildlife Studio is a prominent feature on the cover of Taxidermy Today magazine multiple times. They have garnered prestigious awards such as the Cabela’s Committee’s Choice Award and top honors in renowned taxidermy competitions. Their dedication to professionalism and quality is evident in every piece they create. Each mount showcases their expertise and sets high standards in the wildlife artistry industry.

Taxidermy Awards and Achievements

Artistic Visions Wildlife has been featured in 30+ articles in the internationally published Taxidermy Today Magazine. Additionally, their mounts were in over 8 covers of the Taxidermy Today Magazine. They have over 22 awards consisting of 12 first-place awards, 8 second-place awards, and various awards of excellence from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Some notable achievements include the Whitetails Unlimited Directors Choice Award for Life Size Whitetail, the  Safari Club International Award of Excellence for both Whitetail and Cougar, and both the Cabela’s Committee’s Choice Award and 1st place for their Cape Buffalo Pedestal.

Ready for Your Own Award-Winning Mount?

Our award winning taxidermists can build your dream mount for your space. With a wide range of expertise and a varied portfolio of work, we can mount anything you can dream up. Contact our team at Artistic Visions to make your taxidermy visions a reality.

Get In Touch With A Professional Taxidermist At Artistic Visions Wildlife
Call: (610) 301-2333
Email: info@artisticvisionswildlife.com
Visit: 507 Benjamin Franklin Highway West, Douglassville, PA 19518


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