Black bears, with their majestic presence and natural beauty, make for stunning mounts that can truly elevate any space. Want to get a black bear mount done, but aren’t sure where you start?  Don’t worry, we’ll go over some of the most common poses for black bear taxidermy as well as give you some tips on preparing the hide to be mounted.

Common Positions for Black Bear Taxidermy

  1. Standing Alert: A black bear, standing tall with its head turned slightly to the side as if it’s scanning the horizon for its next adventure. This position captures the bear’s natural curiosity and strength.
  2. Walking or Striding: Imagine a black bear mid-stride, one paw lifted gracefully off the ground, frozen in time. This dynamic pose adds movement and energy to any room, making it a popular choice among wildlife enthusiasts.
  3. Relaxed Sitting: For a more laid-back vibe, a relaxed sitting position is perfect. The bear is portrayed sitting comfortably, perhaps with its head turned to one side or gazing off into the distance. This pose exudes a sense of calm and tranquility.

What’s Involved in Black Bear Taxidermy:

The process typically begins with the careful skinning of the bear. This requires precision and skill to ensure that the hide remains intact and undamaged. Once the hide has been removed, it undergoes a thorough tanning process to preserve it for years to come.

Meanwhile, the bear’s body is carefully sculpted using high-quality materials to create a lifelike form. Every detail, from the muscles to the facial features, is meticulously recreated to capture the bear’s natural beauty.

Once the form is ready, the preserved hide is carefully fitted onto it, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking mount. Finally, the finishing touches are added, including glass eyes and painted details to bring the mount to life.

The result? A stunning piece of art that celebrates the beauty of black bears and brings a touch of the wild into your home.

Preparing the Hide During the Hunt for Black Bear Taxidermy:

Preparation is key for ensuring a successful black bear taxidermy mount. Here are some important steps to follow when preparing the hide during the hunt:

  1. Handle with Care: It’s essential to handle the bear with care during the skinning process to avoid any tears or damage to the hide. Take your time and use sharp, precise tools to carefully remove the skin.
  2. Keep it Cool: After skinning the bear, it’s important to keep the hide cool to prevent spoilage. This can be achieved by placing it in a cool, shaded area or using ice packs to maintain a low temperature.
  3. Salt Preservation: One common method of preserving the hide is salting. After skinning, generously coat the flesh side of the hide with a thick layer of salt to draw out moisture and prevent decomposition.
  4. Proper Storage: Once the hide has been salted, it should be folded flesh side in and stored in a cool, dry place until it can be transported to the taxidermist. Avoid exposing the hide to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can cause damage.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the hide is properly preserved and ready for the skilled hands of a taxidermist.

In conclusion, black bear taxidermy at Artistic Visions Wildlife is a labor of love, combining artistry, skill, and a deep respect for nature. Whether you prefer a standing alert pose, a relaxed sitting position, or something in between, our team is dedicated to creating breathtaking mounts that capture the true spirit of these magnificent creatures. So why wait? Bring a piece of the wild into your home today with a stunning black bear taxidermy mount from Artistic Visions Wildlife.

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