Artistic Visions Wildlife was selected to grace multiple covers of Taxidermy Today, the premier worldwide taxidermy magazine.  His current 6 covers of Taxidermy Today include his signature leaping Lions and Buffalo Project, a Life-Size Mid Asian Ibex, Life-Size Whitetail Deer, Life-Size Kodiak Brown Bear, Life-Size Timber Wolf, Life-Size Marco Polo Argali and most recently a Life-Size Kamchatka Snow Sheep.  Aaron was also published in over 30 seperate issues of this esteemed magazine. It is truly an honor to be selected for this prestigious achievement. Artistic Visions strives to set the standard for quality and professionalism in the wildlife artistry industry as well as providing our clients with personal service and a timely turnaround in every mount.




Our Accomplishments




Artistic Visions Wildlife Studio was selected by Cabela’s to demonstrate the craftsmanship of Wildlife Artistry at their retail store in Hamburg, PA during the Spring and Summer of 2009. These 2 day seminars were a huge success with very large turnouts. Customers from all over the nation were on hand to ask questions about the industry or the actual craft of taxidermy. They were able to observe Aaron mount a Cape Buffalo pedestal, life-size Bear, shoulder mount Moose, shoulder mount Black Wildebeest and numerous Whitetail Deer.

Artistic Visions was chosen for this prestigious position because of our professionalism, quality and customer care in the Taxidermy Industry. It is a true honor for us to represent our artistry on one of the nation’s largest wildlife and hunting stages. It is the mission of Artistic Visions to promote professionalism as well as improve the quality that the taxidermy industry needs.

Aaron regularly competes in contests throughout the country and has received numerous awards for Wildlife Artistry Excellence. Current Awards:
Current Covers of Taxidermy Today Magazine

March-April 2015 Alaskan Wolf Life-Size

May-June 2014  Lions and Cape Buffalo Life-Size

January-February 2013   Mid Asian Ibex Life-Size

September-October 2010 Kodiak Brown Bear Life-Size


Life-Size and African Specialist for Taxidermy Today Magazine

Published Internationally 30+ Taxidermy Today Articles


2009 Cabela's Taxidermy Competition

Cabela's Committee's Choice Award-Cape Buffalo Pedastal

1st Place-Cape Buffalo Pedastal


2009 Pennsylvania State Taxidermy Competition

Whitetails Unlimited Directors Choice Award – Life Size Whitetail


2009 Harrisburg Eastern Sportsman Show Competition

1st Place Professional Whitetail

1st Place Professional Game head – North American Bison

1st Place Life Size Small Mammal

2nd Place Professional Whitetail

2nd Place Professional Whitetail

2nd Place Professional Game head


2008 Eastern Regional Championship / Maryland

Safari Club International Award of Excellence - Whitetail and Cougar

1st Place Professional Whitetail

1st Place Professional Habitat

1st Place Professional Life-size Whitetail

1st Place Professional Life-size Cougar

2nd Place Professional Life-size Coyote

2nd Place Professional Habitat

2rd Place Professional Upland Game Bird


2008 West Virginia State Championship

1st Place Professional Whitetail

2nd Place Professional Whitetail1st Place Commercial Whitetail

1st Place Commercial Gamehead


2008 Harrisburg Mini Competition

1st Place Professional Whitetail

1st Place Professional Whitetail


2008 Pennsylvania State Championship

2st Place Professional Gamehead