Ginny & Don Rickards

Aaron, Wow! When my husband went to pick up our lion and cape buffalo horns, I was at work and he refused to send me a picture. He just said, “You have to see it in person.” ‘Alex' the lion is so life-like that people who visit immediately take a step backward when they see him in the living room. We thank you for talking us into keeping it a full mount. He is so beautiful, and the pose is perfect. He is looking right at you! As you know, we have had bad experiences with several taxidermists. In fact, Don's cape buffalo was literally ruined by two taxidermists to the point where all that could be resurrected was the horns. You were able to make Don's ultimate hunting experience finally become a showpiece with an ingenious way to show the horns off.

We are very hands-on people and want to know details of our trophies as they are being posed and finished. With you, you gave us immediate trust that you understood exactly what we wanted, and we never needed to ask how things were going, what does the pose look like, or when will it be done? It was finished when you said it would be finished, which was a very short turnaround time for all you had to do. We've been admiring your work at the Harrisburg Show for several years, and a friend of ours used you last year. Our only regret...we didn't take the lion to you when we first interviewed you. We had promised it to someone who was an up-and-coming taxidermist who had good work and wanted to use it as a showpiece. Well, it never got done after a year.

Cats, in my opinion, are one of the most difficult animals to get the facial features right. Not only is our lion right, but it is also exactly the way he looked the day I took him. He was an old warrior, with lots of scars, who certainly deserved to be preserved in such a regal fashion.

Thanks again, and we'll be coming back to you after another hunting trip!

Exton, PA

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